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Rexton Hearing Aids in Tampa & Spring Hill, FL

For more than half a century, medical professionals who treat hearing loss have relied on Rexton products for their patients. Rexton is one of the few companies that produces not only high-quality hearing aids, but also innovative accessories. The board-certified Otolaryngologist/Head and Neck Surgeons of Suncoast ENT Surgical Specialists proudly offer Rexton products to their patients in Tampa, Spring Hill and nearby towns in Florida.

What Makes Reston the Best Option in Hearing Instruments?

Rexton has worked with hearing health professionals for over 50 years, developing advanced, accessible hearing aids. Their aids are designed with sophisticated features to improve your hearing and quality of life. Combined with accessories such as the Blu RCU and charging units, Rexton offers the most convenient and flexible hearing aid technology.

What are the Different Kinds of Rexton Hearing Aids and Accessories?

The Rexton line of products includes receiver-in-canal hearing aids, behind-the-ear hearing aids, custom hearing aids and accessories.

Receiver-in-Canal (RIC)

Strata 2c
The Strata 2c takes advantage of TwinCore Technology to make sure you never miss a moment. This discreet hearing aid prioritizes high-tech features and caters to your busy lifestyle. The best in HD speech and wireless connectivity connects you to your electronic devices day in and day out.

Charismo 2c
A compact RIC for those interested in secrecy and the latest technology, the Charismo 2c satisfies the hearing needs of active, high-performance users. It provides a natural experience even in the most difficult hearing situations for many users, from the golf course to business meetings.

Onyx+ features a tiny housing and long-lasting performance. Its wide-fitting range, reliable feature set, and connectivity options are all packed into a tiny, attractive hearing aid that’s perfect for anyone looking for a comfortable hearing solution that keeps them connected to their electronic devices.


Finesse 2c
TwinCore technology and luxurious features provide high-definition sound. The Finesse 2c offers the best in modern hearing technology from HD speech to Blu Link connectivity. It’s designed for wearers looking for the best of everything in a hearing aid: rich sound, sophisticated features, and compact housing.

Accord 2c
The best hearing solutions are the ones that are forgotten when is use, and that’s exactly what the Accord 2c offers. Perfect for the wearer who is busy enjoying life and time with family and friends, Accord 2c offers the best of TwinCore technology with HD speech and connectivity. Reliability and natural sound round out this extremely comfortable hearing solution.

Joy 2c
Joy 2c brings refined, natural sound to any listening situation. From the robust SecureTec housing to the reliable features, the laughter of friends and family will be clearer than ever thanks to this stylish line of hearing aids.

Pico is our smallest and most discreet hearing aid. It provides a reliable solution for those who value secrecy and discretion by fitting deeper into the ear canal than a traditional CIC. Pico is an invisible, comfortable and high-performing hearing aid.


Mini Blu/Blue RCU
Taking advantage of Rexton’s Blu Link Technology with Bluetooth wireless connectivity, Mini Blu and Blu RCU connect the sound from your gadgets with your hearing aid. The remote is streamlined and small enough to be carried in your pocket, on your clothing, or around your neck.

Smart Pocket Remote Control
Control your hearing aid with the touch of a button with the small, easy-to-use Smart Pocket Remote Control. Use it to control volume and programs and turn your hearing aid on and off. Customizable functions, including an alarm clock to remind you of important events, and the display screen, make this remote essential for managing your hearing aid.

LED Remote Control
Easily and discreetly change the settings of your hearing aid with this wireless remote control, including turning them on and off and adjusting the volume.

Green & Easy Charger
Use this charging unit overnight to charge your hearing aid for a full day of hassle-free operation. It even includes a drying function to help control humidity and moisture, extending the life of your hearing aid.

What is the Secret to Rexton’s Success?

More than 50 years ago, Rexton took the time to build relationships and meet the needs of hearing professionals and patients alike. Rexton keeps the needs of hearing health professionals and their patients in mind when developing a range of products with something to suit every ear and lifestyle. The solutions we offer are a result of years of knowledge and experience and close cooperation with our most valued customers.

What to Expect During Your Rexton Consultation

Our audiologists will first examine your ears to determine the cause of your hearing loss, a process that includes recording symptoms. Once we’ve determined the cause of your hearing loss, we will run tests and make a recommendation for the Rexton hearing aid that’s best for the cause of your hearing loss and your lifestyle.

The Rexton product line of hearing aids and accessories is unmatched in the hearing aid industry. If you are interested in learning more about Rexton products at Suncoast ENT Surgical Specialists, contact our office in Tampa or Spring Hill to schedule a consultation.


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