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Hearing Aid Repair and Service in Tampa & Spring Hill, FL

Hearing aids come without lifetime guarantees. As with all things, some wear and tear is to be expected. Instead of automatically replacing your damaged hearing aids, bring them to Suncoast ENT Surgical Specialists! We offer hearing aid repair and service to those living in Tampa, Spring Hill and nearby towns in Florida.

Typical Hearing Aid Repairs

When most people hear the word “repair”, they usually think of a repair shop. However, you may be able to diagnose or even repair your own hearing aid if the situation is not too difficult. There are a number of fixes that you can attempt at home.

Common Hearing Aid Fixes

  • Replacing the battery
  • Cleaning the hearing aid
  • Removing and reinserting the hearing aid
  • Replacing the wax filter
  • Opening and closing the battery compartment
  • Checking the input settings

If you have tried everything you know how to do, but your hearing aid still does not work, contact us so that we can evaluate it and investigate other options regarding your hearing aid repair.

How Much Does Repairing A Hearing Aid Cost?

The cost varies depending upon the extent of the repair and warranty coverage. Common hearing aid repairs involve repairing and replacing damaged parts and testing and cleaning the device. Sometimes, if the hearing aid is old or extremely damaged, repairs may include recasting, faceplate, and circuit board. This kind of repair is more costly. Repairs tend to be more expensive when the hearing aid is over five years old.

When Your Hearing Aid Cannot Be Repaired

Hearing aids are devices that simply do not last forever. Sometimes, they are beyond repair. In this situation, the device must be replaced with a newer model.

Only experts can completely evaluate a damaged hearing aid, but there are ways that you can learn for yourself. A hearing aid may be beyond repair if:

1. The hearing aid is five years old or older. Unlike mechanical devices such as cars, hearing aids usually must be replaced by the time they are five years old. If you are experiencing problems with your hearing aid at this time, you should consider getting a new one.

2. The hearing aid damage is obvious and severe. Even if such a hearing aid is under five years old, no repair can fix one that has been smashed or extensively damaged.

3. The hearing aid required numerous past repairs. If your hearing aid is constantly needing repair, the costs add up, and you may be better off getting it replaced. Although the upfront costs of purchasing a new hearing aid are greater than the repair expense, you will save more money in the long run. Too often, hearing aid users put off buying a new hearing aid, only to have to pay too much for repairs that become all too frequent.

Our professional staff at Suncoast ENT Surgical Specialist can evaluate and fix your hearing aid, no matter what make and model. If your hearing aid is broken beyond repair, bring it to us for a solution. You should contact us or stop by to learn what solutions may be available to repair your broken hearing aid.

Don’t needlessly spend money on a new hearing aid! If your hearing aid is damaged or not working properly, bring it to Suncoast ENT Surgical Specialists for our hearing aid repair and service. To learn more, contact our Tampa or Spring Hill office.


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