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Sinus Pain in Tampa & Spring Hill, FL

Many people believe that sinus pain only occurs around the sinus cavity, but problems with your sinuses also cause discomfort in other areas of your face. In fact, you may not even realize that the pain you feel is associated with your sinuses. If you live in the Tampa or Spring Hill area or surrounding communities in Florida and are experiencing pressure and discomfort in your face, trust your care to the board-certified Otolaryngologist/Head and Neck Surgeons of Suncoast ENT Surgical Specialists.

What is Sinus Pain?

Sinus pain is often accompanied by feeling of pressure, aching or fullness over the sinus cavity. While the pain is focused on the face, it is often felt in the eyes, cheekbones and eyebrows.

Sinus pain is not considered a contagious condition. However, the irritation and swelling of the sinuses is often the result of viruses, allergens or bacteria.

What Causes Sinus Pain?

Sinus pain is primarily caused by irritation and swelling in the sinuses. Outside stimuli such as bacteria, viruses and allergens may cause the sinuses to flare up. When a flare-up occurs, the cilia (tiny, hair-like projections on the surface of the nasal passage) are not able to move the mucus. The trapped mucus and inflamed sinuses are what makes the sinuses feel full and creates pressure in the sinus cavity. Pain and discomfort are the most common symptoms of sinus problems.

Allergens, viruses, and bacteria are not the only causes of sinus pain. Activities such as diving and swimming may also cause discomfort. Abruptly coming into contact with chlorinated or salt water, in swimming pools or the ocean, may also lead to sinus pain and nasal congestion.

Other conditions, such as the presence of polyps in the sinus cavities or nasal passages, may create blockages, resulting in sinus pain and nasal congestion.

Who is at Risk of Developing Sinus Pain?

The people most at risk are people who are prone to developing nasal congestion and suffer from allergies.

What are the Symptoms of Sinus Pain?

The most common symptoms of sinus pain are congestion and pressure in the areas near the cheeks, eyes, nose, and eyebrows. The pain and pressure may be isolated to one side of the face. In some cases, people may experience a runny nose, nasal congestion and puffy eyes along with the pain and pressure.

How is Sinus Pain Diagnosed?

A doctor that checks for sinus pain will make note of the symptoms and the patient’s medical history. The physician may also conduct a physical examination to eliminate any other possible ailments.

How is Sinus Pain Treated?

The treatment for sinus pain depends on the cause. If allergies are the source of the pain, the physician treats the allergies and advises the patient to avoid the allergens that are the source of the pain, swelling and stuffiness. The doctor may prescribe nasal decongestant drops, a decongestant spray, saline washes, pain medications and antihistamines. The patient may also need to use a cold pack over the sinus areas to relieve the symptoms. If the sinus pain is caused by a bacterial infection, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics.

Can Sinus Pain be Prevented?

Yes. People with allergies or low resistance can avoid sinus pain by avoiding known allergens and the contaminated environment. We also recommend that people follow an active and healthy lifestyle.

What are the Complications of Sinus Pain?

With proper and prompt treatment, the sinus pain goes away within a couple of days and weeks. However, complications can occur that results in fever, bacterial infections, and severe pain.

Sinus pain is a common condition that affects people of all ages. The discomfort makes daily tasks difficult and may even leave you feeling tired, unhappy and frustrated. The board-certified Otolaryngologist/Head and Neck Surgeons of Suncoast ENT specialize in diagnosing and treating the cause of your sinus pain. Contact our Tampa or Spring Hill office today to schedule a personal consultation.


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