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Nasal Fractures in Tampa & Spring Hill, FL

A broken nose, or nasal fracture, is not only painful, but improper healing also increases your risk of developing breathing problems. Nasal fractures also affect your appearance if the bone structure heals improperly. Bumps and crooked noses are just some of the cosmetic effects of nasal fractures. If you experience a nasal fracture and live in Tampa, Spring Hill and nearby areas of Florida, entrust the repair of your nasal fracture to the board-certified Otolaryngologist/Head and Neck Surgeons of Suncoast ENT Surgical Specialists.

How Does One Get A Nasal Fracture?

You can get a nasal fracture, or broken nose, playing sports, in accidents, falls, and fights. However, diagnosing a nasal fracture can be difficult. For example, swelling can make your nose appear off center, even though it is not really broken. Once the swelling subsides, though, you may notice that your nose is off-center or crooked, indicating a likelihood of a nasal fracture.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Nasal Fracture?

Nasal fracture symptoms include:

  • Nose pain
  • Nose swelling
  • Bruising around your eyes or nose
  • A bent or crooked appearance
  • A nosebleed or runny nose
  • A grating sound or sensation when the nose is being touched or rubbed
  • Blocked nasal passages

Nasal fracture complications include:

  • The nose changes appearance
  • Blood present in the nasal septum
  • A nasal septum hole or nose bridge collapse
  • Crooked nasal septum
  • Permanent difficulty breathing as a result of structural changes to the nose
  • Continuous drainage from the nostrils that could be a result of draining cerebrospinal fluid from the brain following a head injury
  • Nasal infection of the sinuses, nose, or facial bones
  • A loss or change in the sense of smell following the nose trauma

How Are Nasal Fractures Diagnosed?

Nasal fractures are diagnosed after a physical exam and review medical history. Your Suncoast ENT may recommend waiting several days for the swelling to subside before doing additional diagnostic tests. In most cases, a nose x-ray is recommended. If other fractures or facial injuries are a possibility, a CT scan may be recommended.

How Is A Nasal Fracture Treated?

Keep your head elevated and apply ice immediately after your suspected fracture. Pain medication such as acetaminophen may be helpful. Take care to read all label instructions carefully. Avoid taking anti-inflammatory medicines such as NSAIDs or aspirin for two days following a nose injury. You should also avoid taking aspirin generally if you are under the age of 20 to prevent Reye syndrome.

Some injuries that occur as a result of a broken nose require immediate treatment:

  • Blood in the nasal septum — the cartilage separating the two nostrils (nasal septal hematoma)
  • An uncontrollable nosebleed (epistaxis)
  • Clear drainage from the nostrils that may be the result of a brain injury (CSF rhinorrhea)

If treatment is required, it usually takes place within two weeks of your nasal fracture. Most fractures do not need treatment besides control of pain and other symptoms. Symptoms can be controlled with the use of prescription pain relievers.

You may be treated for a simple fracture by straightening the cartilage or bone in your nose if it is deviated. The nose may need to be packed with gauze or a splint applied in certain cases.

In the case of a complicated fracture, surgery may be required. Bone or cartilage may need to be put back into its normal position. To prevent infection, antibiotics are usually prescribed. The condition of your nose may need to be reassessed after a period of 48 to 72 hours.

Nasal fractures may be subtle or obvious, which is why you should rely on the expertise of Suncoast ENT Surgical Specialists. Our board-certified Otolaryngologist/Head and Neck Surgeons have the unique insight and expertise you need to restore the function and appearance of your nose after a nasal fracture. Contact us today in Tampa or Spring Hill to schedule a personal consultation.


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